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See attachment FluidPainPoints_Layout.doc



  • Main tab, logged in
    Portlets look like I can move them, but I cannot by drag/drop
  • Portlet Organizer/layout manager
    I want to put the portlets on my page in a specific order


  • Drag-and-drop-reorderer
  • Tool Orderer
  • Pain point: Where is the forum tool? What order are these in?
  • Tool manager: Choose tools, set them up, organize them on a page
  • Site tool manager - Adding tools, renaming, reordering, etc.
  • Tool Orderer/Manager (Special case of reorderer)
    • Adding and removing tools from a site is available in two places in a confusing manner
    • Tool orderer function big win (functionally?) but HUGE usability issues
    • Current tool is unusable
    • Saving work happens in many different ways on one page

Page Focus

1/ all

  • Page shifts downward when you take action on a portlet (e.g. click "^")
  • Main tab, logged in--Maximize control makes everything disappear, including other tabs. Gives user concern of where they are suddenly and how to get back.


  • Refreshing page, completing forms – Need to return to previous focus
  • Pain point: Where am I? (Page has reloaded to top.)

Layout Manager


  • Layout customization
    • Lack of clear actions
    • Leads into difficult, complex interface
  • Portlet manager: remove, re-add, etc.
    (Same as portlet organizer)
    • unclear language used in confirmation to remove "channel."
    • No clear way to get back after removing
      *I want to customize the portals I have on a page
      Pain: This is not apparent; I never found this ability


  • (Need) Attractive default page templates
  • Poor handcrafted site page tools
  • Page layout/organizer
    • Home only tool that typically has multiples on page but what about News, etc.?
    • Want to move most important to top.

Portlet Manager

2b/2 apps

  • Intelligent portlet/channel controls
  • Portlet container
    • Poor/inconsistent icons
    • Disassociated edit mode (and inconsistent)
  • Portlet views
    No standard or default:
    • Some summary/cameo
    • Some whole we pages
    • Some whole complex UI


  • I-frames: effect on navigation throughout application
    Breaks navigation links
  • Pain Point: multiple scroll bars
  • Component: uPortal-like display widgets to give user control of link/potlet window

Paginator/Paging Tool

2b/ all

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