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Authoring: Storytelling

Demo: Story Authoring

Site: Learning to Learn Story Collection

Site: Social Justice Repair Kit

Wiki: Social Justice Repair Kit

My Lifelong Learning Lab

Wiki: Self-Assessment

Docs: Design Narrative

Design: Self Reflection Playground


Wiki: Sonification

Wiki: Floe Sonification Framework

Github: PhET Open Sound Control Bridge

Text to Speech

Docs: Text To Speech API

Citizen Research

Video: Nexus Science Lab (May 2017, 12:24 minutes)

Video: Short Nexus Science Lab (April 2017, 6:02 minutes)

Design Toolkit

Inclusive Design Guide

Co-design Toolkit

Inclusive Learning Design Handbook

Video: Inclusive Design Guide (March 2018, 1.53 minutes)

Wiki: Inclusive Design Guide

Video: ILDH, Floe & P4A (April 2017, 6:41 minutes)

Video: Short ILDH, Floe & P4A (April 2017, 2:25 minutes)

Wiki: Inclusive Design Toolkit

Wiki: Design Handbook

Wiki: Making an Inclusive and Accessible Website

Presentation: Multimodal Design Patterns

Docs: 3 Dimensions of Inclusive Design

PhET Simulations

PhET Accessibility

Wiki: Inclusivity and Accessibility of Interactive Web Games and Simulations

Design: John Travoltage

Design: Energy Skate Park

Design: Forces and Motion

Wiki: Create-a-thon


Docs: Infusion

Github: Infusion Docs

Wiki: UIO Browser Extension

Video: Introduction to User Interface Options (September 2017, 3:46 minutes)

Demo: UIO RTL Language Support

Quality Infrastructure

Wiki: Architecture & Design

Github: QI Development Environments

Video: Quality Infrastructure (August 2016, 5:36 minutes)

Video: Short QI Update (April 2017, 4:32 minutes)


Video: Nexus P4A Year 4 Update (March 2018, 2:37 minutes)

Docs: Overview and Architecture

Docs: Nexus API

Github: Nexus

Video: Nexus Musical Instrument (August 2016, 7:09 minutes)

Video: John Travoltage Nexus Integration (February 2017, 1 minute)

Github: John Travoltage Nexus Integration


Demo: Inline Edit Component

Chart Authoring

Demo: Pie Chart

Metadata Authoring

Demo: Metadata Authoring

Design: Content Finding

OER Authoring

Design: OER Commons authoring tool mockups


Design: Platform for Economic Inclusion Badges

Wiki: Outside-In Project Badging


Demo: Metadata and Feedback Gathering on OER

First Discovery

Wiki: First Discovery Server Demo

Demo: First Discovery

Demo: First Discovery in the Assessment Context

Demo: First Discovery in the Voting Context

Docs: First Discovery

UI Options & Preference Management

UIO Chrome Plugin

Video: UIO+ in the GPII (December 2017, 3:54 minutes)

Design: Mobile and Responsive

Video: Preference Management Tools (March 2015, 2:19 minutes)

Demo: Preference Exploration

Demo: UIO with Simplify and Text to Speech

Demo: UI Options

Demo: Readium Integration of UIO

Demo: Minimal Editor

Demo: Full Page UIO

Demo: Conditionally Shown Adjustors

Demo: Composite Panels with Conditionally Shown Adjustors

Demo: Table of Contents Component

Demo: Switch Component

Demo: Textfield Controls

Privacy & Security

Video: Security and Privacy Architecture (March 2015, 3:03 minutes)

Wiki: Privacy Needs and Preferences

Demo: Personal Privacy Storybuilder Prototype

Docs: Inclusive Design For Privacy


Demo: Infusion Renderer

Demo: Renderer with Data Binding

Demo: Keyboard Accessibility Plugin

Demo: Overview Panel

Reordering Content

Demo: Grid Reorderer

Demo: Image Reorderer

Demo: Layout Reorderer

Demo: List Reorderer

Demo: Table Row Reordering

Paging Content

Demo: Pager Component

Demo: Sorting Columns

Progress Indication

Demo: Progress Component

Demo: Bidirectional Animation


Demo: Uploader Component

Video Player

Demo: Video Player with UIO panel


Wiki: Edify

Wiki: Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2016 Projects

Wiki: Pressbooks Accessibility Analysis

Wiki: Floe Collaborations


Fluid Project

Floe Project

Inclusive Design Research Centre

Social Justice Repair Kit


Build Site

Inclusive Cities


Accessibility Sprint 2015

Outside In

Other Videos

Video: Future of Technology (January 2018, 22:10 minutes)

Video: Unlearning to Include and Innovate (September 2018, 53:14 minutes)

Video: About Inclusion and the IDRC (September 2012, 1:45 minutes)

Video: Empathy (January 2016, 1:49 minutes)

Video: Accessible Design (April 2011, 5:02 minutes)

Video: Inclusive Design - Jutta (February 2018, 51:31 minutes)

Video: Disability Experts Conference on Federal Accessibility Law (August 2017, 3 hours)

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