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Notes - Meeting May 6, 2019

Notes - Meeting March 20, 2019

Summary, March 20, 2019:


  • Need someone on the team to benefit from the co-design - haven't hired full team yet, so don't have designer or developer to take what comes out of co-design - aiming to have this person here in one month
  • Would need to raise funds to be able to hire full team
  • Need better performance of the app, better communication - would enable the organic growth that is happening in the movement
  • There is a tech team in Colombia who might be able to help
  • Might be able to scale to Mozambique, Argentina
  • Need long term funding as an organization so that profit can come in steadily

Co-design plans

  • Wait until May to start something
  • Connect with Colombian team to see if there's an opportunity for collaboration
  • In the next few weeks, we can figure out whether to start something now or wait until Cataki hires someone to benefit from the codesign - by then there will be more insight on whether funding might be coming in
  • If we do it in May and June, when there is a full team, it may be more efficient
  • IDRC to be in touch about codesign and timing

The Cooperative Life

Notes - Meeting March 27, 2019

Summary, March 27, 2019

  • Working with the IT department at University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
    • Its an extensive list that will need to be prioritized 
    • Will look at what's in existence already to leverage
    • UTS will not be involved in the codesign 
  • Needs
    • interested in the governance and learning commons
  • Codesign plans
    • Robyn will ask members on an area to focus on in codesign and get back to us, and also figure out the separation between what we're doing and what UTS is doing
    • In the meantime, Dana will work on guidance documents
    • Start on a survey with 3 questions for the members, and then last question would be to ask if they'd be interested in joining codesign process
    • We can co-design the activities with the members themselves
  • To-do
    • For IDRC

      • Send information around budgeting - how many people we can afford to recruit

      • Create options for activities

      • Send survey question suggestions (3) to Robyn, description of project, also overview of co-design activities so people know what they’re signing up for

    • For Coop Life
      • Ask members which areas to focus co-designs around
      • Send information and prioritization list made with UTS


Suggested Co-Design Activities

Notes - Meeting May 23, 2019

Notes - Meeting March 21, 2019

Summary, March 21, 2019:

  • Needs
    • Interacting with state subsidy system is a challenge, since 70% of care is provided by state program and navigating that bureaucracy
    • Had focus groups, surveys to come up with 3 prong approach
      • Revolving payment pool that provides payments in advance so providers don't have to wait 6 weeks to get paid
      • Marketing platform that connects them to families that are eligible for subsidy
        • working with parent and advocate groups for that, to help with informing parents about eligibility for subsidy
      • Shared business admin tool that allows providers to stay on top of paperwork for interacting with this and other systems
    • Focus on payment pool for first offering
      • Working with steering committee of 7 providers to design exactly what that pool will look like

  • What we should focus on
    • Marketing platform and business admin tool will both be heavily tech based
      • need to be incredibly usable, mobile friendly - we have providers that don't use email or cell phones
    • Above all else, we need the systems to talk to each other to provide insights - who needs additional support? What are trends in the industry? What services should we be providing?
    • The state would also be most unlikely to provide marketing and business admin tools - which makes a case to think more about these tools
      • Business admin tool might be a licensing agreement
      • Marketing tool might be best
  • Tools already looking at
    • Kid Kare

      • Federal government - requires them to use this?

    • Pie for providers

      • Expense tracking, eligibility alerts

      • Reminders for providers to get their paperwork on time

      • Expanding more into licensing and quality tracking

      • Interested in working with us

    • Pro Care

      • Similar to Kid Kare

    • Another one we looked into - uses voice recognition

      • Rather than having to stop caring for kids to fill out form

      • One of our providers tried it but hated it

    • On the marketing side, the biggest competitor is

  • Next steps

    • find a time to identify a few other areas to ideate on - maybe governance, scheduling, other foundational pieces - Dave and Anne to discuss with the larger committee in the upcoming conference call
    • We can figure out together - how many participants, process, other themes we have been talking about

July 20, 2018 - Design meeting with CoRise Cooperative


Notes - Meeting March 28, 2019

Summary, March 28, 2019

  • Claudia to set up meeting to discuss needs and pain points with the coop members, and what tools they might want
  • Send our 3 question survey around - what are your needs what do you wish to have, and asking them to participate - send this to some people with a survey, others by discussing these things
  • Potentially interested in a booking system, where parents can book privately with the women who do childcare, with some extra skills like music or language - you'd pay more for that - platform to list these offerings

  • Next steps
    • For IDRC
      • Send ReThink a list of needs that have come up from other coops
      • Some survey questions - maybe just for the parents?

      • Then have another meeting to talk through that content

    • For ReThink

      • To ask around through discussion to collect needs

      • Try to find some dates to meet - we have a meeting in the next 3 weeks - it won’t be parents, but maybe we can ask them separately too

Self Employed Women's Association (SEWA)

Meeting with SEWA July 9, 2019

Co-Design Planning Meetings

Co-Design Sessions November 20, 22, 23, 24, 2018:

(Platform Coop) Co-Design Notes: Beauty Services Coop

(Platform Coop) Co-Design Notes: SEWA Federation of Coops

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