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Heuristic UX Evaluation - Gary & Barbara - March 10, 2008

Comments/Suggestions for Filtering (affect all the pager designs)

  • Not sure the color change under the headers indicating the a filter has been applied is enough of a change to indicate this to the user.  This may need something additional.
  • Find button --> Search button - Search is a more recognizable term and used throughout the Internet
  • Number of items / total number of items:  Having this at the bottom right corner of table seemed less noticeable for user.  We felt this should be moved above or near the Show # of items on page drop-down, see this image idea:
  • "Back to All" - we felt this was adding the wrong cues in that the user might confuse it with the Back button on a browser.  When in fact this button take them out of their filtered list to the original full list.
  • Another idea is similar to what Google Mail does.  Under the Search text box display the following:
    • Filter: All, None, Name, Email, Role
    • Black one indicates the current filter in use.  Some Color change would be needed here to indicate the current one being used

Selecting a Pager design that has the most UCD properties

  • a combination of design 1 and design 2
  • where you have last, previous and next, last links as text over showing the first 2 and last 2 page numbers. 
  • The words place less cognitive load on the user when processing where they are in the pager.  Easier to get to the first or last page with less thought involved.
  • Also we felt that the page numbers shown should be a few before and a few numbers after the current page number.  Current page number bolded.

UE Concerns - Design 4

  • Design 4
    with the where the user types in the page number we felt was not as user friendly a design as the other designs. 
  • First showing the page numbers instead of the input box is less clicking for the user, and seeing visually the page numbers gives a better sense of total scope. 
  • Seeing the numbers helps the user determine the scope in a more straight forward manner and less abstractly than the input box.


  • We felt the Slider
    was intuitive for users with alphabetical data.
  • Including a filtering list below the slider
    for the various alphabetical columns, would help the user select and know which filter is currently applied and a quick way to change filters.

Additional Ideas

  • We also were thinking there might be a way to toggle between a conventional pager  and the slider
  • Default perhaps tot the conventional pager and have a link just after the pager "search by alphabetical" or something that if the user clicked, the slider control would replace the pager control.
  • This would obviously need user testing to see if even desirable to users.
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  1. In lieu of "Back to all" I've use the phrase "Show all" to indicate that clicking on that will remove all filters and show "all" the items in the data set.

  2. Gee - I "feel" that typing in a number is more user-friendly, because it will never be out of the available range. In the other design shown here, I have no direct way to get to page 4. I've sometimes had to click designs like this many times just to reach the range of pages I want.Someone said that this is the typical response of a more technical person. Maybe, but even if we discount the preference for typing the number, shouldn't the first design show us a number for the last page? If the listing is alphabetical and I want something that starts with "n," I have no way of knowing whether i want to get there by clicking from where I am or from the end of the list. I don't know if I'm on page 11 out of 19 or 11 out of 200.Could we combine the two designs, so that clickable numbers appear around the (editable) selected number?