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Departmental Support
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  • Was a zoology major.
  • Job is instructional support which means doing anything profs need her to do to make their courses run smoothly. She used terms like "personal assistant" and "lab mom" to describe herself
  • Likes her job. "This job is pretty darn fun" Low stress and she gets to go on fun shopping trips (e.g. driving to Bodega Bay to get sea water...looked for whales during lunch), meet interesting profs, and see "neat stuff" (e.g. hummingbirds in wind tunnels, cockroaches, etc.)
  • She's very conscientious, so a bad day is one when she's messed up (ordered something too late) and isn't able to get one of the instructors she supports something he/she needs.
  • Does get frustrated by poor planning on part of professors, e.g. when all 40 students in a class need lab equipment for independent research projects and there's not enough equipment to go around.
  • He's clearly meticulous and detail oriented; he has a list of bSpace issues ready for discussion with us in an email message
    He's a gamer who has created a bSpace site "for sharing and coordinating among (his) group of gaming friends." There are several subscribers, but it doesn't appear that any of the tools are in use


  • Know what is happening in the department, particularly if it affects her work
  • Do a good job for faculty
  • Be respected by faculty in the department
  • Have fun
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