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This Design is Still In Progress

These designs are still a work in progress, and are actively being worked on. While discussion and comments are welcome, please treat this material as such.

What problem are we solving?

Allow users to break up long lists of items into separate pages.  They should be able to decide if they want paging and how many per page.

Currently in Sakai:

Sakai has page navigation called "List Navigator UI Component" in the Sakai style guide.  The default for how many items to show on a page varies.  How many makes sense depends on context, how many total items, what type of items, etc.  The idea here is to make this navigator remember the users last setting (across sessions).  That way they set if for what makes sense given the current situation and it is persistent.  As things change for them they simply change the setting to meet current needs and again it's persistent until they need to change it again.  Currently this is a "one size fits all" default and many users have to change it every time they visit a particular page.

Who are we designing for?

Persona goes here.

What needs are we meeting?

Functional Requirements - Use Cases

  • Allow users to change the number of items shown per page
  • Allow users to jump to the first, last, and the "middle" pages easily
  • Allow users to jump to an item or a certain set of records (e.g. students with a last name starting with "G")
  • Allow users to sort the list
  • Allow users to filter and view a sub-set of the list
  • Minimize screen real estate taken up
  • Be aware of the length of list and do not display widget when there is only one page
  • Show users how many items there are and where they are in the list (i.e. viewing 11 - 20 of 2,356)
  • Remember users' paging settings and save it across visits to the site
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How are we meeting the needs?

Current Wireframes

... See Pager Design Iteration 

Design Working Pages

Discussions and Open-ended Questions

  • User would like to see how many students (or announcements, assignments, etc.) there are, rather than how many pages of those items there are
  • Symbols such as |<, <, >, >| are frequently used in paging. But are they sufficient, or do they need to be accompanied by wordings such as "Previous" and "Next"? If so, what do we call |< and >|?
    Depending on the context, |< could be called either "First" or "Newest", >| could be called either "Last" or "Oldest". Are there any other cases?
  • Should each list remember what the user set as the preferred page size (number of items per page)? Or should there be a global setting for this that would affect all of the tables?
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