User Experience

The CTR has three user modes: view, submit, and edit.

VIEW (logged out): Browse, search, and view terms.

  • filter terms according to different criteria (filters will depend on the input fields and possible values of the submission form)
  • view accepted terms
  • language
  • signup/login

SUBMIT (logged in: regular account)

  • all of the above
  • submit common terms
    > form fields
    > attached example?
    > relation to other terms?
    > tags generation based on description?
  • discussion/comments/feedback?
  • account management

EDIT (logged in: editorial committee account)

  • all of the above
  • edit submissions
  • rate/approve submissions
  • give permissions to regular accounts

(available in edit only?)

  • view versions
  • view submissions

can a user submit for a feature that doesn't exist but is desired?

Design Sketches

Common Terms Registry - Design Sketches

Development Planning

First version:

  • Basic ability to submit new terms and to view existing terms.

Second version beyond:

  • Editorial committee / community curation support
On this page
What is the Common Terms Registry

The Common Terms Registry (CTR) is a service that allows a user to view, add, and edit terms referencing a user preference. The intention of the registry is to give interested parties a common dictionary of terms so it is clear what each term means and how it can be used.

For additional information:

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