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  • Reorderer API - v0.4

Documentation for a historical release of Infusion: 1.3
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This documentation refers to the v0.4 released version of the Reorderer code. For documentation specific to the trunk version, please see Reorderer API.

Reorderer Overview

The Reorderer will handle almost any arbitrary stream of markup you pass to it, assuming a very simple contract is maintained:

  1. The orderable elements are contained within some kind of container element.
  2. A selector for the container is passed to the Reorderer upon instantiation.
  3. A selector for the orderable elements themselves is also supplied.


  1. Provide a callback function. This will be called by the Reorderer each time the user reorders an element, and is generally used to communicate ordering changes back to the server.
  2. Specify configuration options to customize the behaviour of the Reorderer. These are documented below.

Creating a Reorderer


fluid.reorderList(containerSelector, itemSelector, orderChangedCallback, options);

Allows reordering of elements in a vertical or horizontal list. More information is available at Simple List Reorderer API - v0.4.


fluid.reorderGrid(containerSelector, itemSelector, orderChangedCallback, options);

Allows reordering of a grid of items. More information is available at Simple Grid Reorderer API - v0.4.


fluid.reorderLayout(containerSelector, layoutSelectors, orderChangedCallback, options);

Allows reordering of portlets, content blocks, or other chunks of layout. More information is available at Simple Layout Reorderer API - v0.4.

Advanced use of the Reorderer

For cases where more control over the configuration of the Reorderer instance is needed, a Reorderer can be constructed directly, and configured for your specific needs:

Reorderer(container, findMovables, layoutHandler[, options]);
Reorderer(container, findItems, layoutHandler[, options]);

For more information about these constructor functions, see Advanced Reorderer API - v0.4.

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