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  • Anastasia Cheetham
  • Kate Katz
  • Jess Mitchell
  • Emily Moore
  • Madeleine Rothberg
  • Sepideh Shahi
  • Gregg Vanderheiden
  • ?


Objective: The next Co-Design meeting will focus on the requirements doc and project scope.

Resources: NIDDRs comments on our Requirements doc, the Comment-able version of the Requirements doc, and the Performance Work Statement (Contract) are linked here as well as in the Working Docs section of the wiki. We will be referencing these Documents frequently during the meeting.

  1. Revising requirements doc in response to NIDRR feedback
    • Application-setting specific requirements
      • Addressing NIDRR comment, " it appears that the requirements for the tool are identical in each of the domains"
      • Gregg's suggestion - adding discussion about "'weighing preferences"
      • Should we add new sections for technical and circumstantial requirements for OER, Assessment, and Elderly?
    • Discuss and come to a decision around needs versus preferences in general.
    • Review glossary in requirements doc; determine who can lead the organization and final revision of the glossary
  2. Scope and timeline
    • Determine (through the discussion) a process and framework for deciding which application setting to use for our prototype
    • Review current design/development timeline - any revisions needed?
  3. How to determine Default settings 
    • Determine a framework for determining each of the following:
      • What is the default size of the text?
      • What is the default volume for audio?
      • Will these values differ by application setting?
      • Do we actually need to know minimum NEED? We need to get people in the door to use and access within the application setting. We should check all design decisions back against that requirement.
  4. Determine inclusion and exclusion criteria for deciding which candidate preferences will be presented by the First Discovery tools.
    • Determine how and where we can capture variations of inclusion and exclusion criteria variations across application settings?
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