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Sample Questions

These questions can be used to help the conversations with potential P4All users prior to creating user personae.

Questions for individuals who need to overcome a challenge in daily life:
  • If you had an option to eliminate a few things from your life to make it easier which things would you choose? why?
  • How are those things causing problems?
  • How do you overcome those problems in daily life?
  • Do you prefer to get help or solve problems yourself? why?
  • Can you recall and describe your best experience getting helped by a person, a system or a service?
  • Can you recall and describe your worst experience getting helped by a person, a system or a service? 
  • What do you do when there is no help available and you can't solve the challenge
Questions for individuals seeking training and learning new skills:
  • Why do you want to learn new about accessibility?
  • How do you think it will help your current projects or your employment goals?  

  • How do you find reliable sources to  about accessibility?

  • How do you build up the knowledge and expertise in those areas? and how do you identify where to start from?
  • What resources and tools can facilitate and support your learning process?
  • Where do you see yourself after completing the learning process? what services or tools can be beneficial for you in that phase?

Questions for independent accessibility entrepreneurs:
  • Why do you want to offer accessibility services? What opportunities do you see for it?
  • Why do you prefer working as an entrepreneur to working for larger organizations specialized in accessibility? 
  • How do you identify an accessibility need/problem that has enough value to invest your time and resources into?
    • Do you have the opportunity to work with end users to validate that need and gather their feedback? Or just market research?
  • What are your biggest challenges during the design process? and how do you resolve those challenges? where do you get help from? 
    What problems have you found with getting into the market and promoting your service/product?  
  • How do you make your business model sustain and thrive in the small and personalized assistive technology market?
  • How do you envision the growth and trajectory of your company?
Questions for obligated organizations:
  • How are you informed about accessibility issues within your organization?

  • Why do you think those issues matter? what are the benefits for your organization?
  • What challenges do you find when trying to solve those issues? How do you remove those roadblocks? 
  • Do you prefer training an internal team or outsourcing external service providers? why?
    • How do you go about training internal staff? 
    • How do you find and establish trust with an outsourced service provider? Do you prefer working with independent contractors or an organization? why?
  • What types of financial or non financial support could help your organization during this process? and how do you find those resources?

  • How do you evaluate the outcome?
  • How do you measure the impact of those resolved issues within your organization?



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