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SP1 Meeting Summary

moving forward with the personas and the "kit" provide to others

interested in knowing how to help and knowing how it's going

circulated a doc with first ideas about interactions of developers with ecosystem and the value proposition for them
interested in feedback
sent an email to the list here: [Prosperity] Defining the interactions and the value of the P4A ecosystem
Sepideh comments that yes, this is in line with what we're all thinking and we'll iterate on this as we continue to have further conversations


First sketch of ecosystem:


User Goals:

Interview questions:

Looking for contacts that fit into the groups/goals and want to have conversations with "real users"

dana - people who want to learn and build aren't just developers
what is our definition of 'developer'?

have personas and scenarios already designed -- sending to the list

submitted a paper "sustainability and production of services -- wikinomics model'
sending a draft paper and sending the personas and scenarios

drt for all -- once organized conference

Katerina, Sepideh, Dana, Jess, and anyone else who wants to will have a chat about moving forward
Victor is working on sending the attachments in a size that the mailing list will allow
Everyone will email the list as we communicate with each other to try to keep the whole project in the loop
Sepideh will continue to iterate on the personas, the interview questions, etc. and will have some conversations next week.

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