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What are Fluid UX Walkthroughs?

Fluid UX Walkthroughs are a combination of usability and accessibility reviews, with the goal of identifying user "pain points" in applications, and then propose and prioritize user interface improvements to address them. Read more about UX Walkthroughs
See Evaluations are conducted as:

  • heuristic evaluations - comparing the user interface against an accepted set of "rules" or heuristics.
  • cognitive walkthroughs - determining how easy it is for a user to use the application.
  • Code convention compliance - compliance to a set of best practices for achieving accessibility and usability.

How are Fluid UX Walkthroughs Performed?

Fluid UX Walkthroughs are performed by reviewers with diverse areas of expertise residing at a number of different institutions. To ensure consistency of approach and results the following material has been created to guide their efforts.

  • UX Walkthrough General Protocol and Approach: This is a general description of the Fluid approach to walkthroughs, general guidelines for conducting a walkthrough, and a discussion of the high-level goals involved.
  • UX Walkthrough Protocols and Checklists: These are the protocols (detailed steps and instructions) and checklists (criteria and points for examination) recommended to Fluid reviewers, as well as links to background and reference material.
  • UX Walkthrough Report Template: This is a set of standard templates for recording raw inspection results under common headings.
  • Walkthrough Working Pages: Pages in this section contain material assembled as the Fluid approach to walkthroughs was first being developed. Some of this has yet to be incorporated in the current set of pages. The contents should be regarded as early drafts.

The protocols and guidelines are organic and will continue to be refined as we learn from doing the hybrid inspections/evaluations.

How Can I Get Involved in the Walkthroughs?

Everyone is welcome to help out with the walkthroughs. The Fluid UX walkthroughs can be a great way to learn more about usability and accessibility while experiencing first-hand the UI issues and strengths of your application. Here is how you can get involved:

  1. Join a walkthrough working group. There are active groups looking at uPortal, Sakai, Moodle, and accessibility.
  2. Learn more about our walkthrough process:
  3. Attend a walkthrough meeting and meet other walkthrough participants. See the Meetings page to find out when and where the meetings are held.
  4. Start evaluating your application of choice!

Results from Previous Walkthroughs

UX Walkthrough Results

You can find links to the results of all UX Walkthroughs on this page. This includes the Pre-Summit and Post-Summit walkthrough results.

UX Walkthrough Project Plan

User Experience Walkthroughs are used in the Fluid project to evaluate and assess the usability and accessibility of the products addressed by the project. The objective is to identify user problematics (pain points) which can be addressed by user interface software solutions and enhanced design approaches.
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