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List Reordering is being shown here in the Announcements tool in Sakai. However, all customizations specific to the Announcements tool have been stripped out. The Announcements storyboard includes those details.

LR Story 12:  Include optional (configurable) discovery message


  • Make message configurable, turned on by default. 
  • Message wording is customizable by the integrator. 
  • Message should appear at the top of the page.
  • Users need to be able to decide not to show the message again.  Once they know they can drag and drop, they don't need the message anymore and it is distracting from the the rest of the interface.


LR Story 13: Add hover message as a configuration option.  It should be on out of the box.


  • See LR1 wireframe above.
  • Message displays after hovering for 1/2 second 

LR Story 14:  Enhance dragging and dropping visual design


  • "Ghost" avatar already implemented along with red drop target indicator line.
  • Add arrow at beginning of line to enhance the drop indication.
  • On drop, highlight of object slowly fades out in 2 seconds.

LR Story 15:  Implement Undo after drag and drop has been used.


  • Once a reorder is complete, give the user an option for "Undo Last Move" which is only available for one move.  The "undo last" is only available once
  • Give users the option to "Undo All Moves".  This function is only available after a change(s) have been made to the order.

LR Story 16:  Make number reordering an add-on option for List Reordering


  • Give users text entry fields for each list item.  The fields are populated with the items current position in the list.
  • Allow users to change order by changing the number of any of the items.
  • The change is made after the user "saves" the number change (enter in text field or click out of the field).
  • As with drag and drop, moved object should have a fading highlight for 2 seconds after the move.  Timing and on/off should be configurable.
  • Focus moves with the moving item (i.e. once move is complete, user should be looking at the item its new location).


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