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The Fluid Progress component provides a usable and accessible linear progress display for use on its own or with other Fluid components.

While originally designed for the Fluid Uploader, it is highly flexible -- customizable for use in many contexts. Fluid Progress is currently used in the Uploader and in the Fluid Project wiki to provide component progress indicators.

NOTE: Progess Bars are best used for displaying a linear progression towards a known and fixed end point. For example, the percentage completion of a multi-step process where the number of steps are pre-determined, or showing the amount of time left on a process where the total amount of time is known. If there is an unknown, unpredictable, or indeterminate end-point or total amount then showing a linear progression will be inaccurate and confusing. Better to provide a spinner or other non-linear device in those cases.


  • Highly customizable
  • Accessible
  • Custom Hide/Show Animations
  • Custom Progress Animation (coming soon)
  • Events for custom integrations (coming soon)
Progress - Progress Indicator

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