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Please add yourself by first creating a wiki account, returning to this page, uploading an attachment photo to this page, editing the page text to include both your image and your newly-created wiki username. Consider putting a brief description of yourself on your wiki account page for others to read.

table-plus: Notify your Confluence administrator that "Bob Swift Atlassian Add-ons - Advanced Tables" requires a valid license. Reason: EXPIRED

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Jess Mitchell




Jonathan Hung

Erin Yu

Justin Obara

Antranig Basman

clayton lewis

Jacob Farber

Jorge Silva


Iris Neher

Katie A. Siek

James Yoon






Eva de Lera


Jason Eppink

Tona Monjo



Hugues Boily

FE Board of Directors

David Penney
Jutta Treviranus
Nicole Vaillieres
Carl Goodman
Ron Wakkary
Clayton Lewis
John Norman
Eva de Lera

FE Advisory Board

Jane Burton
Titus Bicknell
Richar Cherry
Christina DePaolo
Robin Dowden
Nancy Proctor
Sivia Sadofsky
Tom Scheinfeldt
Jim Spadaccini
Jennifer Trant
Holly Witchey
Anne-Marie Milner
Ian Rubenzahl

FE Steering Committee

Colin Clark
Jess Mitchell
Muriel Garreta
Matt Sikora
Nicole Vaillieres
Jason Eppink

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