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Notes from phone conversation with Swarupa, Alison & James.

Some cell phone tour companies the DIA is considering using: Guide by cell, On Cell systems

DIA will be using cell-based tours for its upcoming Richard Avedon exhibition & possibly Through African Eyes
With Acoustiguide wands, there's lots of staff time involved in distribution of equipment, sanitizing, etc.
- Development is costly; of tours themselves; scripts, creative part, etc.
- $40K content development, equipment rental, etc.

- Not many people using audio tours in permanent exhibition (because
they're charging $2-3 for it)
- People using audio tours in special exhibitions (audio tour built
into the ticket price)
- paper copies of text available as alternative
- stops 2-3 minutes

With cell system:
- Visitors can leave audio comments
- Text voting can occur
- development/production process is simplified. E.g. Director can just record comments/content into a phone - you don't have to use a recording studio
- piloting a cell phone tour with 6-8 stops; an adult tour. This is in contrast to acoustiguide tours of gallery, which typically have 15-20 stops & 40 minutes per tour roughly, as well as youth tours
- stops = aiming for 1 minute
- Benefit - People can use their own equipment.
- drawback - DIA has historically discouraged cell phone use in galleries. Also, how many have their own cell phones?
- able to track usage, how much of the content they listened to, where people stop, how long until hang-up - visitor research component
- Cell phone system doesn't provide any web interface (for listening to audio content, recording audio content post-visit, etc.). DIA would have to build this. BUT DIA owns the content w/ a cell system.
- Getty Museum provides print brochures with a small thumbnail and the cell phone number of the object so that they can interact with it
after the visit, comment from home
- With cell phone system, options for people participating are a lot
broader (e.g. scholars from afar)
How do you choose what audio responses can be accessed by other cell phone users?
- Try to provide a structure for soliciting responses to galleries/objects. Questions for responses need to be carefully positioned to inspire a response (not typically a yes/no question); questions are made for works of art that are particularly interesting/emotional, likely to instigate a reaction

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