Thumbnails in Decapod are a little different from a typical thumbnail of a single image in a image manager for the desktop.

For each capture in Decapod, two images are produced: one from Camera 1, and one from Camera 2 (aka. the "stereo pair"). Each of these images will show the same page spread but from two different perspectives.

After Decapod's processing, these stereo pair are replaced by two images: one of the left page, and one of the right page.

This transformation from stereo pair to a single pair occurs while the user is doing their work. This wireframe captures this interaction as it would appear to the user.

Thumbnail Layout Behaviour

Prototype v8 - Detailed View

Prototype v8 - Thumbnail View

Prototype v9
Instead of two thumbnails side-by-side, the thumbnails
are stacked and can be flipped to reveal the corresponding
image pair.

A detailed look at how the thumbnail is to be laid out:

Thumbnail Interactions


Reordering Thumbnails

Mouse interaction:

Keyboard interaction:

Using Inline Edit to reorder a page.

Audio interaction (mouse):

Audio interaction (keyboard):

Adding / Inserting Images

*Can be done by performing a capture and then cut/paste, reorder the new image.

Deleting Thumbnails / Images

Mouse Keyboard interaction: