This document is a summary of accessibility problems that arise through the usage of VoiceOver on the iPhone 3G S. Most problems were encountered and described during a design walk-through with Everett (Sep 4, 2009 - Alison & Armin)

Please correct any error and fell free to add any a11y problems you know of for the iPhone VoiceOver.

Note from Everett

Steve Hockema might have knowledge about the technical problems of interfaces accessed with iPhone VoiceOver.

Problem with embedded objects (according to Everett)

Everett's work around

Duplicate the link after the object the original link is embedded in (e.g. picture).
In order to make the duplicated object invisible use a CSS class to set:

Accordions or expanding/collapsing panels

Alison asked Everett for experience with accordion objects. Everett hasn't interacted with such an object with the iPhone VoiceOver.

Everett's thoughts:

Links activating the expanding or collapsing

Everett expects a link to load a new page and not to trigger an action on the existing page.