Infusion 1.1.2 Roadmap

Time line

  • Bug Parade: Sept. 21 - Oct 2, 2009
  • Code Testing: Oct. 5 - Oct 9, 2009
  • Release Day: Oct. 13 - 15, 2009

What's New in Infusion 1.1.2?

  • New Demo Portal and improved component demos
  • Mobile Fluid Skinning System theme for iPhone
  • Improved and simplified Image Reorderer examples and documentation
  • Uploader support for Firefox 3.5
  • Other bug fixes:
    • More class name normalization
    • InlineEdit fixes

Release Manager TODO checklist:

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|T|M|F|1254843407320|1254844678722||Update <version> tag in pom.xml|
|T|M|F|1254843418775|1254844679374||Update <currentVersion> tag in project.xml|
|T|M|F|1254843426136|1254844766413||Update fluid_version variable in build-scripts/|
|T|M|F|1254843447650|1254849682263||Create the Release Status wiki page|
|T|M|F|1254843471430|1255119889308||Delegate updating the README.txt to component owners|
|T|M|F|1254843481381|1255704815944||Manage API and other Wiki changes|
|T|M|F|1254843488446|1255113304846||Recruit QA testers|
|T|M|F|1254843506025|1255120890992||Review the escalated issues (issues outside of Fluid)|

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|T|M|F|1254843514043|1255529741075||Review the escalated issues (issues outside of Fluid)|
|T|M|F|1254843521213|1255529563401||Help with code testing|

   <div class="fl-col"> 

|T|M|F|1254843528966|1255618280041||Send release e-mail|
|T|M|F|1254843536911|1255704813448||Build, test, and release bundles|
|T|M|F|1254843545079|1255548975080||Update the Current Release wiki page|
|T|M|F|1255620111220|1255620112707||Create tag for this release|
|T|M|F|1254843563362|1255963692610||Create a JIRA release|
|T|M|F|1254843570582|1255641689100||add new bundles to website|
|T|M|F|1254843578260|1255641694502||update demos to point to latest release|
|T|M|F|1254843585300|1255704812086||create release news item|
|T|M|F|1254843497389|1255548963033||Ensure known issues in JIRA have been marked with the correct fix version for the release|
|T|M|F|1255620293243|1255963578679||Update version #s to the upcoming version|



Release Info Feeds

These tables are generated from the Fluid issue tracker and shows an up-to-date view of the current tasks remaining in preparation for this release.