- See Code Entry wireframes

Storycard 1: Display keypad and number fields

- Show a numeric keypad for entry
- Number fields above the keyboard should be digit discrete (i.e., one field per digit), and should initially be empty
- Bottom right element on numeric keypad acts as backspace
- Bottom left element on numeric keypad does nothing

Storycard 2: Allow numeric entry

- Number fields are updated upon user input on numeric keypad
- Upon input of the final digit, application transitions the screen to the appropriate artifact view screen (i.e., there is no submit button; the last digit entry acts as submit); note that the last number field should be updated before the transition occurs
- If the code entered is invalid (i.e., there is no artifact associated with the code entered):
  - An error displays on the screen
  - The invalid code in the number fields is cleared
  - The user is allowed to enter another code