Questions for Partners

Our Thinking So Far

These are some themes and ideas emerging from the conversations we’ve had so far...

What We Are Trying To Do

Approaches We Might Take

We don’t have to do all of these (or any of them), but these are some of the potential approaches that have come up in our conversations. We are interested in your thoughts on these approaches or suggestions for others.

IDRC Inventory

The links below are a sample of some of the work we do here at the Inclusive Design Research Centre, and may help in getting a more concrete sense of what we do here and what we might offer in working together.

Design Guidelines and Practices

We synthesize our discoveries about inclusive design into more general resources offering advice about the practice of inclusive design. Since we are always learning new things, these resources are never really finished, but are living documents of our work that evolve over time.

Software and Design Artifacts

We do practice-based research both to explore various dimensions of inclusive design and produce building blocks for inclusive digital systems. We are often interested in systems and tools that can be adapted and extended to meet an individual’s specific needs.