Silvia, James, Liam, Juliana, Michelle, Dana

Notes from last meeting:





Q: Can we review the contracts, look at deliverables and timing, to receive the next round of funding - what will this process look like?

Q: Young people in Cartagena need to feel that they are not alone - 28 April Jutta is coming to Cartagena (also an event in Medellin April 22-27) - with all the young people - Juliana will be there, would love to have Liam, James, Catalina, IDRC join an online connection? To present our work, talk together for a short time in the afternoon

Silvia will send an email with some details of what she would like to see

We can share our stories of the project

Next face 2 face meeting we can share these stories when we are together (October?)