Integrate pure AJAX, pure HTML, and pure Java services

  1. Add one JAR to Maven dependencies
  2. Minimal configuration to say which Spring beans and methods are exposed to JavaScript
  3. Add one JavaScript include line to the HTML file for each bean

Result : Spring bean methods become generic asynchronous JavaScript functions with callbacks

Very satisfying unless you need server-generated HTML.

Why does Java have problems with the web?

As compared to C++, C, Basic, Smalltalk, COBOL, ...?
Beaten by lighter-weight scripting and dynamically-typed languages: Perl, PHP, Ruby-on-Rails, etc.


JSP Antica : HTML + Embedded Java + Configuration
"No, Java really isn't a dynamic scripting language"

Nouveau JSP : HTML + Embedded non-Java Expression Language + Embedded non-HTML tags + Java + Configuration

HTML-embedded EL + non-HTML tags + Java + Configuration

The revolution: HTML with no embedded EL

Upsides of revolution

Downsides of revolution

Fluid's split goals

Fluid requirements for presentation technologies

Don't meet requirements

Possibly meet requirements

The revolutionaries

Wicket and RSF share the most characteristics. Programmers who refuse to use one will probably refuse to use the other.
Wicket is a well-run project with a small but fervent community.

RSF is unique among all these frameworks in having the following goals pre-1.0:

Next steps? Priorities? Personnel assignment?