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Discussion about file management and what components might emerge.

File Management Definition

File Management is a broad term with a variety of definitions.  For scoping and discussion purposes we define file management as overall user-management of files.  The files are generally uploaded into the target web application from a user's personal computer or another website or application.  Users can then organize their files, typically represented navigationally or spatially.   They may decide to share these files with others, either as information (read-only) or in a more collaborative manner. 


Tools are isolated and siloed. Tasks that require more than one tool to complete require a user to halt the main task, leave the tool, navigate to another tool, interface with the other tool to complete a secondary task, and navigate back to the original tool to proceed with the main task. This halt and interrupt may happen several times to complete the main task/goal. A user may also lose the work on the main task when having to navigate away for secondary tasks, or minimally be forced into some kind of additionally cumbersome Save process when dealing with secondary tasks.


Sarah Windsor - Primary Persona
Sarah needs to compose a review exam in for her class. The review exam will be created using course assets, discussion/collaboration snippets, and various learning resources. Sarah's goal is to compose the review exam; in order to complete this goal, she will need to locate, find, search, browse, filter, sort, group, categorize, and select the needed resources into a resource pool and then be able to draw from that resource pool in conjunction with composition and editorial functions to create the review exam. Sarah will need to specify the recipients of the review, schedule when it will made active and when it will expire and set how many attempts of the review may be made. Finally, Sarah will need to compose and send (or schedule) a notification to her class(es).

Ed McClellan, Undergraduate
Scenario to come.

Blue Sky Vision

Possible Components

Suspend - Inject - Resume

a.k.a. the lightbox effect (or greybox, or thickbox).
When the need for a secondary task comes up in the main task flow, suspend the main task, dim the main task interface, and present (highlighted and focused) the interface of the secondary task on top of the main task interface. Once the secondary interaction is complete, remove the secondary interface via transition, brighten the main task interface, and resume main task interaction.

Save As Draft

Suspend the main task flow indefinitely and provide a means for the user to immediately pick up from that point in the workflow.

File Management Fleshing Out at Summit meeting

 Design Goals

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