In addition to co-design with our partner organizations, we have also been participating in conversations with members of the Platform Co-op community to co-design the Learning Commons. So far we've completed an initial round of community co-design chats to understand the challenges and needs around learning for those in the platform co-op ecosystem, as well as to solicit ideas. This has informed early sketches, information architecture, and content types for the Learning Commons.

In the future, conversations will be more centred around ideating concepts and evaluating tangible sketches and design artifacts for the Learning Commons.

Goals of our conversations

The questions we've asked in our initial conversations include:

Who we talked to

We've talked to a total of 6 individuals, and have also gotten input from attending two events: a Co-op Shop Talk event hosted by Geo.Coop, and an online meeting hosted by Zebras Unite. The individuals' roles ranged from co-op member-owner, prospective co-op member owner (thinking of starting a platform co-op), co-op developer, and researcher. Their backgrounds include policy and law, technology, design, food, and social work.

Missing perspectives

We are in the process of creating connections with more researchers, union leaders, freelancers, and business owners who have converted to a co-op. We are also missing the perspectives of those who cannot afford to talk to us due to a lack of compensation.

What we heard

Learning goals and challenges

Ways of learning

Finding information

Important categories to filter by

These are not meant to be an exhaustive list, rather, a list of things that came up in addition to our initial list of categories.
The initial list included: goals, topics, industry, location, language, medium.

Other needs we heard

Networks as a crucial learning mechanism

Continuous feedback & improvement