Present: Mundano, Trebor, Michael, Jutta, Dana, Michelle, Cheryl



  • Need someone on the team to benefit from the co-design - haven't hired full team yet, so don't have designer or developer to take what comes out of co-design - aiming to have this person here in one month
  • Would need to raise funds to be able to hire full team
  • Need better performance of the app, better communication - would enable the organic growth that is happening in the movement
  • There is a tech team in Colombia who might be able to help
  • Might be able to scale to Mozambique, Argentina
  • Need long term funding as an organization so that profit can come in steadily

Co-design plans

  • Wait until May to start something
  • Connect with Colombian team to see if there's an opportunity for collaboration
  • In the next few weeks, we can figure out whether to start something now or wait until Cataki hires someone to benefit from the codesign - by then there will be more insight on whether funding might be coming in
  • If we do it in May and June, when there is a full team, it may be more efficient
  • IDRC to be in touch about codesign and timing


Mundano’s update

Embedded Codesign