Infusion License

Fluid Infusion is released under both the ECL 2.0 and New BSD licenses, making it widely compatible with a variety of open source licenses as well as commercial code.

All documentation is available under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Contributor License Agreements

The Fluid community asks each contributor to sign a Contributor License Agreement, which provides a clear agreement to share code under terms amenable to Fluid's licensing strategy. In order to legally publish source code in the Fluid repository, the University of Toronto needs permission from the creators of the code and from the organizations for which they work. The following agreements are provided for this purpose:

Version 3.0 of the Fluid CLA and CCLA has been updated to reflect Fluid's move from University of Toronto to OCAD University.

Signed agreements should be faxed to Iris Neher at the Inclusive Design Research Centre at 416-977-9844.

Source Code License

Fluid code is licensed under both the ECL 2.0 and new BSD licenses.

There are two steps involved in this. A Fluid LICENSE file containing the full text of both the ECL 2.0 and BSD licenses resides at the top of the trunk of the Fluid repository. A short copyright notice and reference to the full LICENSE file is embedded as a comment at the beginning of each source code file. A template for this embedded license text is provided.
Note that it is also possible to override the Fluid LICENSE file by including an alternate LICENSE file in a subdirectory. For example, this could be used for properly licensing a third party toolkit if it is included in the Fluid repository.

Documentation License

Creative Commons License for Fluid documentation

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