What is the Fluid Project?

Fluid is an open-source software community that

  • designs user interfaces
  • builds Web tools
  • teaches inclusive design
  • integrates interface components into open source applications

Our community consists of an international team of partners, individuals, and institutions focused on designing flexible, customizable, user-centered interfaces.


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What Is Infusion?

Infusion is a different kind of JavaScript framework. Built for creating applications that are highly usable and accessible, Infusion provides a rich set of APIs for creating loosely-coupled models and views using a declarative and event-driven style.

Infusion includes:

Infusion embraces unobtrusive, functional techniques that promote less code and greater flexibility. Infusion takes the pain out of developing accessible, high performance, clean and nimble front-ends for applications that want to do more. Our approach is to leave you in control - it's your interface, using your markup, your way.

Why Use Fluid Infusion?

Fluid components differ from other javascript library components in that they are built fromt the ground up with several core requirements:

Core Component Requirements