PDF-style approach with up/down arrows

The up/down arrows helps the mouse-only users as well as the keyboard users.

Dynamic pages display

Often with pagers with a spectrum of page numbers, it's difficult to jump to pages in the middle. We wanted to give users even access to the "middle pages" as well as the pages in the beginning and at the end. In this design, the page numbers for the 5 pages around the current page are displayed, then the numbers would increase by 5, 10, or 20 depending on how many pages there are in total. Here's an example where the table has 732 items in total.

Existing designs that have been shared and discussed

Pager Design Archive


Design 2: the total number of pages is shown

Design 3: the first two and last two pages are always shown

Design 4: text box allows user to type in the page they want to get to. Total number of pages is shown.

Slider design: The number of items per page can be adjusted by stretching/shrinking the slider OR selecting a number from the dropdown at the top right.