[22:47:08 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> sgithens: Here's a post from yura from a month or two ago: http://lists.gpii.net/pipermail/architecture/2012-January/000007.html

[22:47:27 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> you can see a blend of generic preferences

[22:47:35 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> and then there's a block called "application"

[22:47:49 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> I don't know for sure that this is what we want

[22:47:58 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> but it's a good place to start

[22:48:18 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> I can imagine that what you will receive and produce will be a JSON representation of whatever is most naturally stored in gsettings for an app

[22:51:10 CST(-0600)] <sgithens> colinclark: great, I'll throw it all in application settings to start

[22:51:46 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> thanks

[22:51:48 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> that makes sense