h1. Video player states

*[Download PDF|Floe video player states diagram^videoplayer-finitestatemachine.pdf]*


h1. List of states for the video player

Bolded states indicate that there is a corresponding design, see; [Floe video player design (February 2012)|http://wiki.fluidproject.org/display/fluid/Floe+video+player+design+%28February+2012%29]

    *1)    video player initial state*
    *2)    video loading*
    3)    video playing
    4)    error; loading failed
    *5)    video paused*
    *6)    fullscreen view*
    *7)    preview box appears on timeline*
    8)    scrubbed to new position
    9)    keyframe bookmarked
    10)    error; could not add to bookmarks
    11)    video loading, interface closed
    12)    video playing, interface closed
    13)    video paused, interface closed
    14)    volume adjusted, interface closed
    15)    scrubbed to new position, interface closed
    16)    video playing in fullscreen view, interface closed
    *17)    captions on (english), interface closed*
    *18)    transcript on (english), interface closed*
*    19)    volume slider expanded*
    20)    volume slider expanded and adjusted
    21)    volume slider closed and adjusted
    22)    captions menu open and off
    23)    captions menu open and on (english)
    24)    captions menu open and on (french)
    25)    request captions menu open
    26)    request captions menu open, language selected
    27)    request captions menu open, email entered
    28)    request captions menu open, request sending
    29)    request captions menu open, error: invalid email
    30)    request captions menu open, request sent
    31)    request captions menu open, error: request could not be sent
    32)    transcript menu open and off
    *33)    transcript menu open and on (english*)
    34)    transcript menu open and on (french)
    35)    request transcript menu open
    *36)    request transcript menu open, language selected*
    37)    request transcript menu open, email entered
    *38)    request transcript menu open, request sending*
*    39)    request transcript menu open, request sent*
    40)    request transcript menu open, error; invalid email
    41)    request transcript menu open, error; request could not be sent
    42)    transcript panel open
    43)    transcript downloaded
    44)    error: transcript download failed
    *45)    transcript panel open, language selected; english*
    46)    transcript panel open, language selected; french
    *47)    fullscreen view transcript positioned right of player*
*    48)    fullscreen view transcript positioned beneath player*