The contents of this page are currently a bit out of date, and are being updated. Stay tuned... When this warning is gone, the info is safe to use.

Contents of this page are written in a Sakai context. Therefore keyboard navigating to the Lightbox instance may vary on implementation.

To move focus

Moving between panes or frames on a page 

'Tab' moves users between panes or frames.   When user visits the Image Gallery tool they tab once to get to the folder browse pane and again to move to the thumbnail pane. 

'Shift + tab' moves backwards through the panes or frames.

Scrolling and focus 

Override auto-scroll with keyboard arrows

Auto scroll when needed to keep the thumbnail in focus "above the fold" 

To select an object 

To move thumbnails

'Shift + Arrow' key movement [fluid:need visual depictions of these]:

'Shift + home' moves image to first in the collection.

'Shift + end' moves image to last in the collection.