(Greyed out text indicates functionality not part of the lightbox component scope.  The functionality already exists in another Sakai tool or the user completes the activity off-line)

Eileen's Scenarios


Displaying images in class site


Resources Tool - after Gallery Tool is added, the "Gallery Tool Collection" folder is automatically created (Existing page & functionality)

Resources Tool - Creating the "collection" folder under the "Gallery Tool Collection" folder (Existing page & functionality)

Resources Tool - Adding image files within the newly created "Lecture 1" folder (Existing page & functionality)

Resources Tool - Image files uploaded (Existing page & functionality) 

Gallery Tool - User has just clicked the "Gallery" link in left menu (Existing page & functionality)

Gallery Tool Wireframe - initial view of collection for the first 5? times a user uses the tool.  At which time, the extra "you can drag me" identifier no longer shows for this user.  INCLUDING THE ADDITIONAL DISCOVERY CUES IS AN OUTSTANDING QUESTION.

Gallery Tool  Wireframe - Thumbnail in focus

Gallery Tool Wireframe - Mid-drag of thumbnail

Figure 1Gallery Tool - Thumbnail dropped and still selected until user selects another thumbnail

Resources Tool - New files uploaded after some reorganization has been done in the Gallery.  The new files display at the top of the list organized alphabetically within them.


Placeholder - Example states of thumbnails.  This will be replaced with wireframes showing the interaction.

Current Gallery tool (screen shot) - Cat image should be shown larger (this is a bug that will be fixed).

Visual look of thumbnail states.