Video Player QA Test Plan


General QA Guidelines

General Use

  • Does the tool behave the way that you would expect?
  • Are you surprised by anything?
  • Does something take longer than you would expect?
  • When the tool does something unexpected or takes too long to do something, does the tool provide appropriate feedback?

QA Tests

Perform the following tests using each browser/system environment

Report issues at:

Please search for issues before reporting them, so as to limit the number of duplicate entries.

Video Player JIRA Filter

Unit Test


Launch the following website to execute unit tests.

Uploader Test Suite:

Manual Tests


Ensures that the component properly functions on the aspects that are not covered by the integration test.

Perform these tasks on the following site, perform the tests in order.

Video player sample:
One video player per page
Multiple video players per page


Test 1: Initial page load

Test 2a: Mouse, Hover on video player

Test 2b: Mouse, End hover on video player

Test 3: Mouse, Click caption button

Test 4: Mouse, Show caption

Test 5: Mouse, Click transcript button

Test 6: Mouse, Show transcript

Test 7: Mouse, Click on the scrubber bar

Test 8: Mouse, Repeat Test 7 to click somewhere else on the scrubber bar. Make sure the results are expected