fluid.model.composeSegments(seg1, seg2, ...)

Compose any number of path segments, none of which may be empty

fluid.model.composeSegments(seg1, seg2, ...);

File name: Fluid.js



(String) fluid.model.composeSegments() accepts any number of string arguments.

Return Value


A string composed of all of the arguments, joined by "."

See Also


var nameSpace = "fluid";
var funcName = "expectFilledSelector";
var namespacedFuncName = fluid.model.composeSegments(nameSpace, funcName);

This example will prepend the given namespace string to the function name, resulting in "fluid.expectFilledSelector".

for (var key in obj) {
    var valueBinding = fluid.model.composeSegments(listPath, key, fieldName);

This example constructs model paths based on the keys in an object.