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List Reorderer Overview

The List Reorderer allows reordering of elements in a vertical or horizontal list. This page provides technical details of the API.


var myReorderableList = fluid.reorderList(container[, options]);



The container is a CSS-based selector, single-element jQuery object, or DOM element that identifies the DOM element containing the list items to be reorderable. This may be the list itself (e.g. the <ul> or <ol> element) or an element that contains the list.


The options object is an optional collection of key/value pairs that can be used to further configure the List Reorderer, as described below in the Options section.


Supported Events

The List Reorderer fires the following events (for more information about events, see Events):


General options


The selectors option is an object containing CSS-based selectors for various parts of the List Reorderer. Supported selectors are:

List-specific options


The List Reorderer dependencies can be met by including the MyInfusion.js file in the header of the HTML file:

<script type="text/javascript" src="MyInfusion.js"></script>

Alternatively, the individual file requirements are: