separate out PCP and PMT or BOTH designs for specific developer teams
WITH contextualisation


1. first use at PCP:

not saving (device only permits PCP functionality) (****** at the museum)
slim options within the PCP based on available features for content
content matters
the implementer decides what the end-user sees
there's a notion of time here (museum wants to keep the interaction quick)

2. first use at PCP: (Sophia at the museum)

saving settings
alternative saving features (cloud + ticket)
save to cloud from kiosk with woman
use ticket to go from interactive to interactive

3. first use PMT (maybe Sam?)

return to PMT (new device setup?)

4. return to PCP (pick a Sam)

with existing account
**offline use

5. first use DT

save to P**?
very simiilar scenario to first use PCP w/ no saving

to do today
1. complete wireframes and check for consistency - get bothered by little details
2. missing functionality (from June 7 doc)
3. placeholders for missing stuff or documented questions

include variations within each

Preferences are stored in the cloud through the Full Preference Editor, where users can create and modify preference sets in full detail. An individualized and compact view of the Full Preference Editor exists as the Quick Preference Editor.

The Quick Editor includes a prioritized list of preferences and recommendations particular to the user.

If no preferences are modified, the Quick Editor is empty with a guide prompting the user to import their current device settings or start adding preferences using the Full Editor.

In the Quick Editor, the user can also switch between sets

and permanently save modifications. Preferences can be added to the Quick Editor by expanding the interface into the Full Editor.