Nightly Build:

Designs: PGA Preference Discovery Tool June 9

1. Preferences and UI Schemas and Persistence APIs

Goal: Provide a robust and extensible means for developers to create and share preference editor views and logic across the GPII; Support developers in creating preference editors, panels and enactors by creating documentation and tutorials.

2. Prepare Exemplary Content

Goal: Choose and prepare an exemplary piece of content in order to showcase the transformations. We want to demonstrate the Discovery Tool with a single resource that has been implemented using best practices and that has enough features to allow the application of the transformations (for example, a resource with no text wouldn't allow us to demonstrate increased text size).

3. Build Discovery Tool Interface

 The Discovery Tool will start with a basic set of presets and enactors:

4. Implement 'Try Something New' Feature

Goal: Provide a means for the user to discover settings they might not otherwise have known about.

5. Integrate With GPII Preferences Service

 Goal: Illustrate how the Discovery Tool will integrate with the Preferences Editor and GPII Preferences Services




Future Work

1. Upgrade and Integrate Infusion Video Player

Goal: Show the transformation of videos based on selected presets in the discovery tool

2. Model Transformation

Goal:  <need to talk to Kasper and Antranig about what is left with this work>

3. Upgrade to Schema

Goal: Illustrate how the Discovery Tool will integrate with the Preferences Editor and GPII Preferences Services

4. Implement ToC as per designs

Goal: Demonstrate the best practice of using a site wide table of contents instead of only the page ToC

<need to find the newest designs and link them here>

5. Implement local data storage of preferences and improve the failure tolerance of data sources

Goal: Provide access to and backup storage of preferences when there are network connectivity issues.

6. Data Source Transformation

Goal: Allow integrators to store user settings in a format of their choosing.

7. Build a Personalized Discovery Tool for Dani

Goal: Demonstrate the ability to personalize a Discovery Tool for a particular user.

(PGA) Use Cases (July 24, 2013)

8. Scaffolds

Goal: Provide access to external tools to assist users in understanding content, such as

9. More Text-To-Speech

Goal: Add more advanced functionality to the text-to-speech enactor, such as highlight & read.

PGA Preference Discovery Tool June 9#Speak

10. Integrate With GPII Local Infrastructure

Goal: Expand scope of Discovery Tool to interact with local assistive technologies such as screen readers.