The Reorderer allows developers to create rich, accessible user interfaces which enables users to directly re-arrange content on the page. The Reorderer is the "engine" that powers the interaction, and is the place to go to listen for interesting events and actions within the component's lifecycle.


  • Change the arrangement of elements using mouse or keyboard.
  • Convenient options for rearranging elements contained in a list, grid, a layout, and image gallery.
  • Configurable drag and drop appearance and behaviour.

List Reorderer

Reorder elements in a list using drag and drop, numbering and/or keyboard interactions

Grid Reorderer

Reorder items in a linear, flowed set using drag and drop, numbering and/or keyboard interactions

Image Reorderer

Allow user to reorder images or thumbnails of images

Layout Reorderer

Reorder portlets in the portal page using drag and drop and/or keyboard interactions without leaving the page

This component is in Production status





Last stable release (v0.8)

Nightly build