This document is a work-in-progress.

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The Fluid Skinning System is a group of CSS files with a specially designed modular structure and class-specific format.

It is meant to work well as both a standalone CSS foundation for your site and our components, and as the CSS engine of the (Floe) UI Options (2008-2009) component.

Please see Fluid Skinning System (FSS) for more an in-depth overview.

Current Features

With FSS and (Floe) UI Options (2008-2009), we are attempting to fulfil at least 2 requirements:

Currently, FSS contains:

  1. Wrappers and containers for quickly laying out your page, such as:
  2. Convenience class names to quickly and easily create GUI elements such as :
  3. Basic font handling
  4. Theming
  5. Advanced Accessibility
  6. Documentation & Testing

Future Features

See: FSS 1.4 - 1.5 Roadmap