DRAFT; still incomplete


One of the primary functions of the Infusion Preferences Framework is to allow you to create a Preferences Editor: a collection of adjusters that users can use to set their interface preferences.

The Preferences Framework provides a utility that creates and instantiates a preferences editor in a single step, given primary and auxiliary schemas.

var prefsEditor = fluid.prefs.create(<container>, <config>);


container(String) A CSS-style selector that will contain the preferences editor markup.


(Object) The configuration options for the builder. See Options below for more information.
var prefsEditor = fluid.prefs.create({
    build: <options>

Return Value


(Object) The preferences editor instance.


The simplest way to create a preferences editor is to provide the primary and auxiliary schema using the options:

var prefsEditor = fluid.prefs.create({
    build: {
        primarySchema: {...},
        auxiliarySchema: {...}

The preferences editor will be instantiated and rendered into the container specified as the first argument to fluid.prefs.create().