The Reorderer

What is name of component?

The Reorderer is a set of JavaScript objects that can be used by developers to create rich, accessible user interfaces that allow users to directly move around and re-arrange content on the page.

The Reorderer supports mouse-based drag and drop as well as fully keyboard-accessible controls. It is designed to be flexible and will handle a variety of markup and layout types. Clear extension points are provided to customize its behaviour for new layouts, connection strategies, and markup binding strategies.


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Context storyboards

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Design pattern

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Functional requirements

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User testing

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Story cards

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User Modeling

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What problem are we solving?

How are we meeting the needs?

Roadmap, Known issues, and Task List

Working Pages

Technical Working Pages

Design Working Pages

What is the Reorderer?

The Reorderer is designed to work across presentation technologies. We've used it in Java RSF and PHP-based applications, but it will work in any technology that can generate known element IDs and can respond to simple POST requests. The contract of the Reorderer is published and easy to implement.

What can I Reorder?

Well, in theory, anything. The Reorderer will work with all kinds of markup you throw at it. Reorder schedules, tasks, lists, whatever you like. There are a few limitations in the current version of the Reorderer that we'll address in future releases. These include:

Using the Reorderer

For detailed technical information on how to use the Reorderer in your application, see Integrating the Reorderer.

Technical Information

Reorderer Road Map

The upcoming road map for the Reorderer is as follows:

For more specific details about Reorderer-related tasks and issues, please see the Reorderer component with Fluid's issue repository.