These designs are still a work in progress, and are actively being worked on. While discussion and comments are welcome, please treat this material as such.

What is the Pager?

The Pager allows the user to browse through data by breaking up a set of results into a series of pages.

What problem are we solving?

Allow users to break up long lists of items into separate pages.  They should be able to decide if they want paging and how many per page.

Currently in Sakai:

Sakai has page navigation called "List Navigator UI Component" in the Sakai style guide.  The default for how many items to show on a page varies.  How many makes sense depends on context, how many total items, what type of items, etc.  The idea here is to make this navigator remember the users last setting (across sessions).  That way they set if for what makes sense given the current situation and it is persistent.  As things change for them they simply change the setting to meet current needs and again it's persistent until they need to change it again.  Currently this is a "one size fits all" default and many users have to change it every time they visit a particular page.

Who are we designing for?

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The demo for Pager is not yet available.


Context storyboards

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Functional requirements

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User Modeling

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What needs are we meeting?

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