Storycards for Integration into the Sakai Announcements Tool

Notes:  LR stands for List Reorderer

To view detailed interactions for these storycards, see:  List Reorderer Storyboard - Make Important Announcements Viewable

LR Story 1:  Add custom order setting to Announcements Options screen



LR Story 2:  Create Reorder Mode and screen



LR Story 3:  Enable numbered reordering in "Reorder Mode"


LR Story 4:  Enable drag & drop reordering

LR Story 5:  Display Announcements displayed in custom order message

LR Story 6:  Allow sorting when viewing custom order

LR Story 7:  Create Student Views of Custom Ordering


LR Story 8:  Allow Undo once a move has occured

LR Story 9:  Design Changes to Announcements

These changes are necessary for the list reorderer to be smoothly integrated into the Announcements Tool

LR Story 10:  Allow user to no longer display informational message

Allow user to specify they no longer want to see message.  This is important functionality since the message is no longer useful after they understand they can drag and drop to reorder.

LR Story 11:  Remove save and cancel buttons and automatically save changes