Fluid Infusion includes a client-side Renderer that allows users to create user interface templates in pure HTML, and render the pages entirely on the client side.

The Renderer offers a clean separation of Model and View: it works with internal component trees that are independent of the mark-up, supporting the Fluid goal of DOM agnosticism.

The diagram shown provides a high-level overview of the fluid:basic renderer process. The Renderer works with a number of objects provided by the integrator:

  • Component Tree
  • Templates
  • Data Model (optional)
  • Decorators (optional)

Each of these objects, and what the Renderer does with it, is described below (and in related documents).

Component Trees

For more detailed information about component trees, see Renderer Component Trees.


For more detailed information about templates, see Renderer Templates.

Data Binding

For more detailed information about data binding, see Renderer Data Binding.


For more detailed information about decorators, see Renderer Decorators.


For technical API documentation, see Renderer API.

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Basic Renderer Process