The current storycards are:

Wireframes & Storyboards

The current storyboards are:

Functional Requirements

Configurable Behaviors / Settings

Please note: These configuration options are also contained in the storycards, but are summarized here for ease of reading.

Allow all configurations on both a per application/site and per Date Time Picker basis:

Internationalization & Localization

Localization: The process of converting a program to run in a particular locale or country, so that all text is displayed in the native language, and native conventions are used for sorting, formatting, etc.

Internationalization: The process of producing an application that can be localized for a particular country without any changes to the program code. Internationalized applications store their text in external resources, and use locale-sensitive utilities for formatting and collation.


Potential Work with jQuery UI

It is possible we will work with jQuery UI to add the features and functionality (e.g. especially our Time Picker) in our specification and improve its accessibility rather than start from scratch with our own Date Time Picker. Their specification (which also represents ways we could extend our Date Time Picker in the future, e.g. additional config options) can be found here: jQuery UI Development & Planning Wiki: DatePickerCalendar and the Documentation page can be found here: UI/Datepicker/datepicker.