Quick Background on Issues

In November 2008, user testing was carried out to test some features of the OSDPL. The results of that user testing revealed the following issues:

This document outlines the tasks and goals required to improve the above issues. A sizable portion of this work is dedicated to solidifying a "community process" in which various users and groups collaborate on design patterns. An outline of the interactions in this community process is also contained in this document.

Goals for January to end of March 2009:

These goals are accomplished via the timeline below.


Early to Mid January 2009 (Design Iteration 24):

Fix bugs and make critical improvements to existing site functionality.

Finalize community process, features, and begin work on it.

Mid-Late January to Mid February 2009 (Design Iteration 24 to 27):

Polish existing patterns, create new patterns.

Mid-Late January (Design Iteration 25 to 27):

With the site working and usable, may make sense to set up a more secure development environment:

Continue development of workflow and community features.

Improve the look and feel:

Other improvements:

Early to Mid February 2009 (Design Iteration 26 to 27):

Increase community involvement.

Mid February to End of March (Design Iteration 27 to Iteration 29):

Design Pattern Workflow (with community interactions)

Previously, the OSDPL Phase 2 - Governance outlined an approach to the community process on the OSDPL. Though that document contains ideas which may be worth implementing, at this point in time we are looking to implementing the basic workflow:

Conceptual workflow for a pattern

Draft Stage

Request for Public Comments Stage

Request for Edits


As a pattern moves between stages, notifications are sent to relevant users:

Who is an editor?
"Editors" are registered users who have the extra ability to view, comment, and edit all design patterns published on the site (with some restrictions depending on the state a pattern is in). They are knowledgeable pattern authors and experts who have a proven ability to create patterns and help others in doing the same.

Their role is to help review and edit design patterns. It's a good way for novice pattern authors to learn from more experienced people, as well as help do some quality control on the site.

Users become Editors after they have shown aptitude in this field, but it's not an automatic process (at least not right now). Candidates are hand picked by the community of Editors and evaluated on a case-by-case basis (like nominating and voting for Commit access on SVN).. Users can always request to become an Editor, in which case Editors will decide if that individual has merit.

Other Planned Features

The following features do not fit into the pattern workflow, but give extra functionality useful to enabling a community.

Improved Comment System

"Share this with others"

Updated look and feel

Ideas / Brainstorm of Possible Future Improvements

Random stuff. Some serious. Some not. What crazy thing can you think of?

More discrete rankings

"Pattern Roulette"

"Pattern marathon"

Pattern family tree:

Discussion Forum: