This document is a work-in-progress.


The Fluid Skinning System is a group of CSS files with a specially designed modular structure and class-specific format.
It is meant to work well as both a standalone CSS foundation for your site and our components, and as the CSS engine of the User Interface Options component.
Please see Fluid Skinning System (FSS) for more an in-depth overview.

Current Features

With FSS and User Interface Options, we are attempting to fulfill at least 2 requirements:

  • How can the user control the appearance of our components and/or a website to make it more usable for them?
  • How can we deliver a look-n-feel for our components?

Currently, FSS contains:

  1. Wrappers and containers for quickly laying out your page, such as:
    • fixed or flexible columns and page containers
    • mixed column layouts
  2. Convenience classnames to quickly and easily create GUI elements such as :
    • Tabs
    • Menus
    • Icons
    • Widgets
  3. Basic font handling
    • convenience classnames for font family, size, and formatting
  4. Theming
  5. Advanced Accessbility
    • easy page linearization
    • tested for useabiltity effectiveness
    • works with Assistive Technology by encouraging best coding practices

Requested Features

These features are on the horizon:


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