Completed April 2008 by Erin Yu and Daphne Ogle


High-level summary to be added after testing has been completed.



For File Uploader user test we want to consider ease of use for uploading files to Sakai \[to start with\].&nbsp; <ac:structured-macro ac:name="excerpt" ac:schema-version="1" ac:macro-id="540c583f-ae89-4cba-994a-c79024943d89"><ac:parameter ac:name="atlassian-macro-output-type">INLINE</ac:parameter><ac:rich-text-body><p>Research questions/goals include:</p>
	<li>Do users realize they can upload files?&nbsp; Do they realize they can upload multiple files?</li>
	<li>Are users successful at uploading a file in general?&nbsp; A single file from their computer?&nbsp; Multiple files from their computer?</li>
	<li>Can a user find a particular file easily?</li>
	<li>Do users recognize and understand intuitively how to upload files?</li>
	<li>Is pause/resume upload understandable or does this confuse them</li>
	<li>Does the user understand that you cannot "cancel" the upload until you first "pause" the upload? Is differentiating between paused and not paused states understandable to users?</li>
	<li>Are visual affordances meaningful and helpful to users?</li>

Success Criteria

  • 80-90% of users can successfully upload a file from their desktop.


Method and test coordinator script for the user test.


The File Uploader will be used by a wide cross-section of students and faculty in higher educational institutions.  We'd like to include keyboard-only users in the user test if possible (can prototype handle keyboard nav?).

Our access to participants is limited primarily to students over faculty.&nbsp; We will try and include a few faculty.&nbsp; We want to test a range of non-technical and more tech savvy students as well as faculty members of the University of Toronto and UC Berkeley.&nbsp; For our user test with working prototype we will have 5-7 users \[combination of students and faculty, but primarily students\].

** If doing: For earlier paper-prototyping sessions we will work with a smaller number of participants.  

Interaction Design

Test Environment


Full notes and analysis of the user tests.

Uploader User Testing - Round 1 Results