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Greeting script

User Testing Demographic Questionnaire



We're going to ask you to do a bit of role playing here.  For these tasks, we'd like you to imagine you are taking a Nutrition class this semester and your instructor has asked you to post pictures of your favorite fruit and vegetables to an online space we'll take you to in just a moment. \[\]


We're going to ask you to do a bit of role playing here.  For these tasks, we'd like you to imagine you are teaching a Nutrition class this semester.   It is the beginning of the semester and you'd like to show students a variety of images of foods for a discussion of their nutritional value.  You'll be putting these images the image gallery webpage we'll take you to in a moment. \[\]




Task 1

Please choose an image of your favorite fruit from the "Fruit" folder on your desktop and put it on the image gallery page.

Task 2

Now choose images of your of your 5 favorite vegetables from the "Vegetable" folder on your desktop and put them on the same image gallery web page.

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Task 3

Now, please post all the images of fruit in your "Fruit" folder on your desktop.  [There should be an error for the files they had already uploaded, once the upload is complete and the errors appear ask them...]  What do you do now?


Task 4

Your next task is to put a picture of ?????? in the image gallery.

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Task 5

And your last task is to put the images for your top 3 picks of herbs and meats into the image gallery tool. [Want to see if they user the "add more" to select from multiple folders]


Post-test questionnaire

Have the user fill this out on their own before asking them the post-test questions below.

Post test questions

NOTE:  Ask these verbally after the user has filled out the post-test questionnaire.

  1. ?????????
  2. Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about your experience getting images onto the image gallery page?
  • Ask the participant to think aloud.
  • Help the participant to speak freely
    • Distance yourself from the product.
    • Don't react.
    • Don't interrupt.
    • Don't draw attention to specific issues that you care about.
    • Don't ask leading questions.
    • Don't lead with your note-taking (meaning only taking notes when the participant does something interesting).
  • Don't help
  • Test the system, not the user
  • Capture themes, not every action
  • Thank your participants

For more details on these tips see "Facilitating a Test" on the "User Testing Tips" wiki page...